Current Supporting Members
Stefanie Alzate
Gail Aranda
Steven Barclay
Heather Barclay
Jackie Bergner
Jesus Benitez
Lindsay Bowman
Fabio Nichols Brienza
Jason Brown
Rafer Caudill
Grant and Sarah Cheney
Taylor Cleary
Denise Colletti
Alderman Rey Colon
Kelly Combs
Paul Combs
Phoebe Craig
Sarah Dale
Kristen Dalla Valle
Kristen Dalla Valle
Amanda Davis
David Diaz
Leroy Brown DiPrizio
Jessica Dorman
Joanne Driscoll
Karen Eisenberg
Jose Espejo
Ashley Gaer 
Mirna Gasca
Daniel Gasperut
Tom Glueckert
J.C. Groon
Ognjen Grubor
Sally Hamann
Juchable Hayes
Libby Hemphill
Chris Hewitt
Sarah Hewitt
Chelsi Hill
Benjamin Helphand
Allison Huebert
Jacob Huebert
Sean Huls
Anna Huls
Natalya Hoobchaak
Kathleen Javor
Marta Johnson 
Kelsey Kamp
Jo Keegstra
Andrew Knoop
Barbara Kompare
Marla Kreindler
Roger Lautt
Paula Liss
Timothy Lippert
Terrence Magnuski
Becky Marshall
Lauren Martin
Alice Mayer
Colleen McCutcheon
Llereni Medina
Quincy Miller
Tisa Morris
Kathleen Nallon
Meabh O'Neill
M Margaret ORojurke
Marcos Ortiz
Anne Paolone
Marilyn Parsons
Jessica Paul
Allison Palmsten
Jasmine Pilar
Kimberly Pool
Anna Quillen
Catherine Quillen
Robert Ratz
Kenton Rehmer
 Janelle Reynolds
Kathleen Risch
Bear Rizzi
Roxann Ruiz
Ray Schoenfield
Stacy Sherman
Semyon Shtulberg
Connie Smith
Daniel Spargur
Tina Stanoski
April Thomas
Amy Toft
Joe Traband
Jo Ann Trainer
Jody Trombley
 Brian Trombley
Camille Trok
Nisha Verma
Carl Wasielewski
Todd Weinstein
Maile Wicklander
Caitlin Winkworth
Kiki Yablon
Sara Watts
Chris Wittenborn
Cynthia Wozny-Carl
Matthew Wurtzebach
The Estep Family
Gallery Provocateur
Roadside Marker Vacation Lodge
La Belle Promenade, Inc. Professional Pet-Care Service
Robbie Q. Telfer, Inc.
On Again // Off Again
Soggy Paws Logan Square
Jeff Sciortino Photography
Team McMurray Chicago's Pet-Friendly Real Estate Experts

We are also grateful for the support of Alderman Rey Colon, who has been actively participating with the group.

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